Project Coordinator

TITLE:                      Project Coordinator

OBJECTIVE:          To assist Project Manager(s) in serving Clients needs during the various stages of a Project from Schematic Design to Construction Administration.

DUTIES INCLUDE (but not limited to):

Application/Schematic Design Services

  • Assist Project Manager in developing Design of Units and Buildings in accordance with direction provided by Owner/Client and per Code.  Collect, organize and incorporate Owner’s/Client’s request for Project Scope.
  • Research requirements associated with Funding Agency, Green Building requirements, etc. and incorporate into Design.
  • Work with Project Manager and Drafting Technicians to develop a preliminary Schematic Design packet (Site Plan, Unit Plans, Building Plans, Exterior Elevations, Accessory Buildings, etc.) as is required by the applicable State agency requirements.

Construction Document Services

  • Assist Project Manager with internal and external coordination meetings throughout the project as necessary.
  • Provide organized, detailed information to Drafting Technicians in coordinating all aspects/details of the Working Drawings.  Provide plan review for Building Code, accessibility compliance, applicable State agency, City requirements and for design accuracy.  Provide clear markups for drafting consistent with the drafting SOP.
  • Coordinate the development of Specifications, providing the completed spec checklist and status Drawings to the Spec Writer.  Review completed draft Spec for coordination with the Construction Documents.  Coordinate with Project Manager and/or QC for final review.
  • Consultant Services – Coordinate to provide Consulting Engineers with base CAD and/or REVIT files as necessary.  Collect and organize information received from Consultants such as Site Utility Plans, Grading Plans, HVAC Plans, Structural beam locations, etc. and coordinate information needed between Consultants.  Review Plans and Specifications prepared by Consultants for coordination and incorporate said work in the final Construction Documents.
  • Coordinate with Project Manager and/or QC for a “Quality Control” review of the complete Working Construction Document Drawings and Specifications (including all Consultant(s) Drawings).  Maintain schedule and meet promised deadlines.

City/State/etc. Permitting and Coordination Services

  • Coordinate submission of Project Construction Documents to Municipality for formal Plan Review – including City, Fire, Health Department, State Agency, Investor, 3rd party accessibility consultant, etc. as applicable. Confirm protocol specific to Municipality and coordinate through Building Permit issuance.
  • Prepare Addenda, plan review responses and related documentation to clarify additions and/or deletions to the Construction Drawings and/or Specifications. Coordinate with Project Manager and/or QC for final review prior to distribution.
  • Bidding Negotiation / Contract Award Services – only on a very limited basis

Construction Administration Services

  • Assist Project Manager in conducting Pre-Construction Conference(s), conduct Site Observation Visits, Pay Application Meetings (review/execute pay request), Punchlist walk throughs of completed work, Final Site Observations, and/or Warranty/Post Construction Site Observations. Create Field Reports and other necessary documents for review by the Project Manager and/or Coordinate with Administrative Assistant/QC for proper distribution of necessary documents to Development Team and involved agencies, as required by Owner/Clien
  • Review and process Project submittals and shop drawings.
  • Administrative
  • Complete personal timesheet entries on a daily/weekly basis
  • Attend weekly Project Status Report Meetings to review production schedules/goals.
  • Attend quarterly PM/PC meetings
  • Position will be supported by administrative staff for the process of assembling and distributing reports.
  • Be accountable for minimizing unnecessary expenditures. Track company credit card expenses with the Accounting Department – turn in coded receipts on a monthly basis.
  • Ensure that the admin team is aware of necessary maintenance required for the designated company vehicle(s).
  • Complete annual goals and JPR reviews.


  • Experience and understanding of Accessibility regulations that apply to multifamily developments, including UFAS (Section 504), Fair Housing, ANSI , ADA, IBC and IRC, at community spaces.
  • General good practices knowledge of low rise, stick framed construction
  • Laptop computer and cell phone will be provided by Wallace.

If interested in this position, please submit a resume using the form on the Careers page.

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