TITLE:            Construction Analyst – Full-time position located in the San Antonio, TX area.

OBJECTIVE: To represent Wallace Architects at on site meetings, coordinating the documentation/resolution of issues with Project Managers/Coordinators.

  • Site Observations – travel approximately 3 days per week and may require overnight stay
    • On-site observations and reporting for compliance with plans and specs.
    • Identify and report any construction practices not in compliance with plans and specifications, accessibility and general quality construction practices.
    • Consulting with State Agencies, Project Supervisors, and Owner’s Representatives.
    • Review Pay Applications to assure work-in-place aligns with invoiced amounts.
    • Plan review for general understanding of project objective.
    • Maintain and organize electronic files including plans, specs, pay requests and monthly reports.
  • Physical Condition/Needs Assessments
    • Site visit
    • Use prior experience and Fannie may EUL tables to determine the estimated useful life of all building systems.
    • Determine cost of project repairs and replacements over the term of the loan.
    • Provide written reports following Fannie Mae Physical Needs Assessment guidelines, Rural Development Capital Needs Assessment guidelines or other guidelines provided by state agencies providing funding for multifamily rehabilitation projects.
  • Attend office meetings via Microsoft Teams as required by Project Managers and weekly Conference Call.
  • Communicate directly with Project Managers/Project Coordinators to address any field issues requiring design revisions/clarifications. Assist with final review of subsequent RFI/ASI prior to formal issuance.
  • Have experience working with accessibility codes applicable to multifamily developments including UFAS, Fair Housing, ANSI, and ADA. Include observations of non-compliant conditions in reports.
  • Travel (air and/or vehicular) may extend beyond state lines.
  • Computer and cell phone will be provided.
  • Position will be supported by administrative staff for the process of assembling and distributing reports.

Qualifications:   The ideal candidate will possess one or more of the following:

  1. Prior experience in the design and/or construction of wood framed, multifamily housing.
  2. Architectural License
  3. ICC Commercial and Residential Inspector Certification
  4. Previous experience as Municipal Building Inspector

If interested in this position, please submit a resume using the form on the Careers page.

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